Depence 2
Version 2.2.3
  • Depence will create a new video file for each video rendering instead of overwriting existing files.
  • Depence will create only a group now if there are multiple meshes imported.
  • Added Tungsten delay
  • Added Min Color temperature
  • Fixed an issue with area lights ignoring UV settings.
  • Fixed an issue with laser projection not working without Stage Module.
  • Fixed an issue with laser hot beams using a wrong color
  • Fixed crash when applying a motor as a child to its anchor.
  • Fixed color space of the texture loader image.
  • Fixed issue of shadows not getting recalculated, if planar reflections are active.
  • Fixed the viewport background image not getting displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with water surfaces not getting displayed correctly, if no ground surface is below it.
  • Fixed a crash during activating of the Terrain Painter tool
  • Fixed an OutOfMemory Exception involving Mass Crowds
  • Fixed a crash during window resizing
  • Fixed a crash if using the Terrain Painter without having a terrain added.
  • Added more options to the script language
  • Improved the ALC system
  • Added delete and reorder feature to selection group window
  • Added option to edit Selection in Selection Group track
  • Fixed an issue with DMX streams not getting loaded in a copied sequence
  • Fixed an issue with 1 channel fixture not getting patched correctly after duplication
  • Fixed an issue with combined fixtures getting moved
  • Fixed an issue with the SPNet camera not receiving position data
  • Fixed an issue with using the play button in child sequences
  • Fixed a crash, if a sequence was used as its own child sequence
  • Fixed a crash, by applying a effect without having fixtures selected
  • Added current camera view name
  • Added a check, if created save file is not corrupted
  • Fixed crash when using hang tool without selecting a hanging cord
  • Fixed a issue with Depence 1 projects not getting imported
  • Fixed a crash involving the SNPropertyGrid
  • Fixed an issue with Windows DPI scaling, if you added a video file
  • Fixed the order of the tutorial videos
  • Fixed an issue with some video files getting deleted during saving
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