Depence 2
Version 2.3


    New grandMA3 Vizkey Support
    New DeskDough support
    New Pangolin BeamBrush Support (expirimental)
    New indirect lighting for fountains
    New Camera Selector to switch Cameras via Key-Frames
    New Vortex Effect rendering (B-Eye)
    Improved Laser Hot-Beam rendering
    Added ability to focus conventional lights with the Hottrack tool
    Added focusing using f-key shortcut
    Added ability to set the focal-distance of a camera using the f-key shortcut
    Added option to set max reflection planes in application settings
    Added intensity factor to video projector setting
    Added option to pre-multiply alpha for NDI video sources
    Added option to set max reflection planes in application settings
    Added Max Planar-reflector setting to Application Settings
    Improved Planar reflectors can now be rotated in all directions
    Fixed an issue with laser dots not getting displayed correctly
    Fixed an issue with laser footprint is staying visible after layer with laser is hidden
    Fixed an issue with updating laser fixture resetting laser sources
    Fixed an issue with shadows not getting updated if objects are getting moved via DMX
    Fixed an issue with the "Depend on pump speed" option of the motor object
    Fixed an issue with strobe phase keeps random after random strobe was used
    Fixed an issue with video projectors showing magenta background for NDI input
    Fixed an issue with laser hot beams not being visible
    Fixed a crash by changing resolution of a 4K NDI stream


    New Programmer View Modes
    New Timecode Display for Livepanel
    New snapping function in sequencer
    New Logic module functions, controls and commands
    New Logic Container
    New Logic Variables to be used on Live Pages
    New ByPass Logic for Oase VarioSwitches
    New Effect Editor with updated faders
    New Ability in the hardware manager to control NDI output of V:Server
    vServer updates are now part of a Depence updates
    Added toggle option to the timer function of the LogicModule
    Added ability to control Digital Inputs of vNano/wecs
    Added option for non linear Fade In/Out via fade time profiles
    Added new Jump to Marker Function in Timeline
    Added option to change background color of Live Panel
    Added option for jumping to a specific time in the sequencer
    Added option to release all active scenes in the repository
    Added option to set scenes as mutually exclusive to each other. Only one of them can be active.
    Added option to set live panel buttons as mutually exclusive to each other.
    Added ability to change order of a selection group via the Edit Selection Group option
    Added default initial arrangement for the programmer
    Added default settings for effects in the programmer
    Updated Programmer View Modes
    Updated visuals of the Sequencer
    Updated visuals of the DMX View Screen
    Updated virtual master support for vNano/wecs
    Moved Palette View to Repository
    Changed the behaviour of the "Edit Scene" option. Will release and deselect all previous used fixture
    Fixed an issue with Arrangement Order of delays being incorrect
    Fixed an issue with the Live Mode button not getting updated after using shortcut
    Fixed an issue with SMPTE timecode output being wrong during pause
    Fixed an issue with sequences not getting saved in the correct child folder
    Fixed an issue with the Programmer, if value type is DMX
    Fixed issue with the Channel Snap function not working
    Fixed an issue with the sequencer displaying the wrong timecode


    New ability to import focus points from MVR files
    New Option to delete fixtures in selection groups
    Added support for Multi- Mode & Address Fixtures
    Added option to switch active camera via key frames
    Updated behaviour of adding keyframe tracks. Only adds properties, which are useful
    Fixed an issue with Realizzer project import not working
    Fixed issue with autopatch/changing fixture ID not respecting selection order
    Fixed issues with some settings not getting stored in project files
Last modified 17d ago
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