Depence 2
Version 2.3


  • New grandMA3 Vizkey Support
  • New DeskDough support
  • New Pangolin BeamBrush Support (experimental)
  • New indirect lighting for fountains
  • New Camera Selector to switch Cameras via Key-Frames
  • New Vortex Effect rendering (B-Eye)
  • Improved Laser Hot-Beam rendering
  • Added ability to focus conventional lights with the Hottrack tool
  • Added focusing using f-key shortcut
  • Added ability to set the focal-distance of a camera using the f-key shortcut
  • Added option to set max reflection planes in application settings
  • Added intensity factor to video projector setting
  • Added option to pre-multiply alpha for NDI video sources
  • Added option to set max reflection planes in application settings
  • Added Max Planar-reflector setting to Application Settings
  • Improved Planar reflectors can now be rotated in all directions
  • Fixed an issue with laser dots not getting displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue with laser footprint is staying visible after layer with laser is hidden
  • Fixed an issue with updating laser fixture resetting laser sources
  • Fixed an issue with shadows not getting updated if objects are getting moved via DMX
  • Fixed an issue with the "Depend on pump speed" option of the motor object
  • Fixed an issue with strobe phase keeps random after random strobe was used
  • Fixed an issue with video projectors showing magenta background for NDI input
  • Fixed an issue with laser hot beams not being visible
  • Fixed a crash by changing resolution of a 4K NDI stream


  • New Programmer View Modes
  • New Timecode Display for Livepanel
  • New snapping function in sequencer
  • New Logic module functions, controls and commands
  • New Logic Container
  • New Logic Variables to be used on Live Pages
  • New ByPass Logic for Oase VarioSwitches
  • New Effect Editor with updated faders
  • New Ability in the hardware manager to control NDI output of V:Server
  • vServer updates are now part of a Depence updates
  • Added toggle option to the timer function of the LogicModule
  • Added ability to control Digital Inputs of vNano/wecs
  • Added option for non linear Fade In/Out via fade time profiles
  • Added new Jump to Marker Function in Timeline
  • Added option to change background color of Live Panel
  • Added option for jumping to a specific time in the sequencer
  • Added option to release all active scenes in the repository
  • Added option to set scenes as mutually exclusive to each other. Only one of them can be active.
  • Added option to set live panel buttons as mutually exclusive to each other.
  • Added ability to change the order of a selection group via the Edit Selection Group option
  • Added default initial arrangement for the programmer
  • Added default settings for effects in the programmer
  • Updated Programmer View Modes
  • Updated visuals of the Sequencer
  • Updated visuals of the DMX View Screen
  • Updated virtual master support for vNano/wecs
  • Moved Palette View to Repository
  • Changed the behavior of the "Edit Scene" option. Will release and deselect all previously used fixture
  • Fixed an issue with Arrangement Order of delays being incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with the Live Mode button not getting updated after using shortcut
  • Fixed an issue with SMPTE timecode output being wrong during pause
  • Fixed an issue with sequences not getting saved in the correct child folder
  • Fixed an issue with the Programmer if the value type is DMX
  • Fixed issue with the Channel Snap function not working
  • Fixed an issue with the sequencer displaying the wrong timecode


  • New ability to import focus points from MVR files
  • New Option to delete fixtures in selection groups
  • Added support for Multi- Mode & Address Fixtures
  • Added option to switch active camera via keyframes
  • Updated behavior adding keyframe tracks. Only adds properties, which are useful
  • Fixed an issue with Realizzer project import not working
  • Fixed issue with autopatch/changing fixture ID not respecting selection order
  • Fixed issues with some settings not getting stored in project files
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