Depence 2
Version 2.3.2


  • Fixed - issue with additive lense material
  • Fixed - Focus to positions doesn't work for some fixtures
  • Fixed - locked camera can be overwritten by 3D mouse
  • Fixed - DMX Matrix gets wrong data when using the Vizkey
  • Fixed - "Out of Memory Exception" after rendering 8K Images
  • Fixed - PixelEngine fixtures doesn't work after mode change
  • Fixed - Dependencies aren't reconnected after duplicate
  • Improved - Transparent materials doesn't show textures
  • Improved - Automatically disable live mode while drag in an object
  • New - 16Bit and other color modes for DMX matrix feature


  • Fixed - Sequencer rect selection will deselect even with shift key
  • Fixed - WDS Stream for vNano has no Universe 2
  • Fixed - Fade in/out for scenes with moving heads
  • Fixed - Even and odd selection on programmer are inverted
  • Fixed - Graphical selection tool won't work after using schematic view
  • Improved - Add repeat option for all patch conflicts
  • Improved - Fixture Manager now has Laser ID auto incrementation
  • Improved - Check if V:Server is in a wrong SubNet
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