Depence 2

Version 2.3.6

  • Fix - Layer window - crash on display "Auto-filter row" option
  • Improved - Allow VizKey input while sequence is running without DMX tracks
  • Fix - Choreographer issue on repository after deleting scene button
  • Fix - MassCrowd Whistbands getting invisible near screen bounds
  • Fix - UV Mapper doesn't work correctly if used on a video projector
  • Fix - Strobe not working while colors where changing
  • Fix - MIDI Timecode unstable while Mif4 used as output
  • Fix - ArtNET DMX package header - inc sequence number missing
  • Fix - Panorama order removed after deleting a scene
  • Fix - Exception once receiving 255 DMX Universes
  • Improved - Multiselection on Routing lines in Hardware Manager
  • Fix - Selection index not set on start script with select command
  • Fix - Scene Edit removed selection order
  • New - SMPTE Volume slider on V:Server config page
This Version contains an important firmware update (4.53) for the V:Server 4. To ensure stability and security we strongly recommend to update your V:Servers to this version.