Depence 2

Version 2.3.7


🪲 MVR files containing glb models are in wrong scale
🪲 Sometimes crash after double click a fixture on library window
🪲 Depth parameter on ExtrudeNurbs not saved correctly
🪲 Web requests (Auto-Update) are not available from china


⭐ ArtNET/sACN in overwrite mode now disables internal control to reduce cpu load
⭐ Support for latest V:Nano Hardware
🪲 Export Schedules to V:Nano had wrong time format settings
🪲 Choreographer update and reorg after load
🪲 Team import Choreographer reference issue
🪲 Issue on DMX Routing - enable/disable option
🪲 RDM manufacturer values change byte order to BigEndian
🪲 Sequencer crash if show length is zero
🪲 Reference issue after copy a show with keyframes
🪲 Sequencer shows double tracks sometimes
🪲 Fixed popup menu in Sequencer
🪲 Issue with nested sequences and recorded vizkey data
🪲 Sequencer scrollbars sometimes get invisible
🪲 Sequencer crash on parameter tracks if group has been removed
🪲 Sometimes keyframes got lost after recording an another object
🪲 Virtual Master Message Cue doesn't save level setting
🪲 Import a repository of a team member does not overwrite existing sequences
🪲 Sometimes crash while render a show with dmx-stream


⭐ New config page for DMX timings
🪲 Livepanel doesn't get updated
🪲 Record DMX on V-Server
🪲 Timecode Sync issue