Depence 3

Patching and Multiple DMX Address

Nowadays lighting consoles control less and less pixel LEDs, where Media Servers start to be the norm.
To physically split the control, lighting fixture manufacturers moved forward by splitting the DMX control.
It is more and more common to have fixture control spreaded between different DMX universes.

Lighting fixture DMX mode

A lighting fixture with multiple DMX address has independent DMX modes per part.
As example, the Clay Paky - HY B-EYE K25 is composed of 2 parts:
  • Main Fixture (Position, Master Intensity, Beam, …)
    • DMX modes: Standard, Shapes
  • Pixel Engine (Independent LED's Pixel control)
    • DMX modes: RGB, RGBW


When patching a lighting fixture with multiple DMX addresses, all parts of the fixture will be automatically patched (the first DMX mode is used by default for fixture sub-part).
Clay Paky HY B-Eye K25

Fixture sub-part

The fixture sub-part is like a fixture, select the fixture from the filter selection to access it:
Fixture sub-part is called "PixelEngine"

DMX mode change

As per classical fixture, once selected, change the DMX mode from "Change Mode":
Pixel Engine DMX modes

Patch change

As per classical fixture, once selected, patch the fixture sub-part where needed:
Fixture sub-part patch update


As per classical fixture, once selected from the Patching window, unpatch it:
Unpatch the Pixel Engine