Synchronize Pangolin Beyond for Video Rendering

When rendering a video, Depence renders in the highest quality and frame-by-frame, which can take up time up to several seconds per frame. In this case, real-time data from Pangolin Beyond's Timeline can't be used without synchronization. In this case it is necessary to synchronize Pangolin Beyond's Timeline according to the correct show position, which is being rendered by Depence. Pangolin Beyond supports the Syncronorm SNTC timecode protocol, which can be used for synchronization. SNTC is an Ethernet-based network protocol. It can be used locally when both programs run on the same machine or different machines in the network.

As Depence can only synchronize a Beyond timeline show, it is not possible to use this technique for any real-time triggered or interactive laser shows!

When using both programs on the same computer, your computer must be connected to a local network that has a router/switch.

Following a step-by-step guide to enable the synchronization:

Enable Timecode output in Depence

Enable Incoming Timecode in Pangolin Beyond

  1. Go to Settings > Configuration and open the “Timecode in” tab.

  2. Enable TC-IN:

Now you can render your show and the Beyond software will follow up the process frame-by-frame.

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