Depence and vServer 4 can send a video to an output device such as a video projector via the NDI protocol.

If you are displaying a video on a waterscreen, Depence offers useful tools to adjust the video image.

  • Keystoning The keystone effect is the apparent distortion of an image caused by projecting it onto an angled surface. It is the distortion of the image dimensions, such as making a square look like a trapezoid.

  • Softedge The softedge values slowly fade out the video signal on the corresponding sides depending on the set value. This can be used to avoid transitions for a composite video image from several sources and the associated excess brightness at the edges.

  • Waterscreen Mask The Waterscreen Mask value places a semi-circular template on the top of the video image. This allows the video output to be adapted to the curves of a waterscreen, thus avoiding projection above the screen.

  • Mask Edge Mask Edge also forms a soft gradient of the Waterscreen Mask.

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