Draw a Spline

With the free-form spline tool you can draw a spline with your mouse directly within the viewport. Activate the tool in the left toolbar.

Use your left mouse button to add a new point to the spline. Hovering over an existing point moves the point. A Right-click on the spline allows you to insert and delete points.

The spline color indicates the beginning and end of the spline. It starts from blue and changes to white.

To edit an existing spline, select it and run the free-form spline tool.

Spline Properties (Settings Window)

Build Orientation

This will be automatically set, depending on which view (top, left..) you use to build the spline. This is important for arrangement.


Will close the spline from the first to the last point.


Linear or cubic interpolation mode.

Invert Direction

Inverse the order of points. This also has an effect on arrangements.


This will create a horizontal symmetric form.

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