Depence 3



The Max Spotlight Range settings are used to extend or reduce the global beam distance rendering.
Reducing it can help to increase the rendering performance (A distance of 200m is not needed in a small room).
Max Spotlight Range - 5m
Max Spotlight Range - 50m

Fog & Haze

The Fog & Haze can be adapted to your need by adjusting 2 main parameters:
  • Density
  • Texture (clouds)


The Fog & Haze density represents the amount of Fog & Haze visible on the scene.
Density - 0%
Density - 20%
Density - 200%


The Fog & Haze clouds can be adapted to your need by adjusting the transparency (structure) of the clouds and their size (scale).
Clouds Scale - 100x (small texture) Structure Clouds - 20% (low transparency)
Clouds Scale - 17x (big texture) Structure Clouds - 95% (high transparency)

Gobo & Projection

Lense Aberration
Simulates the effect of chromatic aberration on the light lense.