A complete DMX universe can be connected to the input. Then it´s mixed into the internal DMX buffer. The number of universes to be connected can be set via Count. With Start by DMX Line the index of the first universe.

Writes a text to a variable named memory cell from which it can be displayed in the User Live Panel. A text and a text color can be set if the condition is true or false. Pay attention to the upper-lower case of the variables name.

Sends a MIDI note with a velocity value from the MIDI Output.

Writes a MIDI controller value to the MIDI output.

Writes the value at the module input into a variable. Pay attention to the upper - lower case of the variables name.

Writes the module input value to an analog output from vServer4.

Sets a digital output of the vServer4 depending on the logical input value.

Converts the module input value to a DMX value (0-255) and writes it to a DMX address.

Writes a module input value to a virtual master. To do this, drop a virtual master from the repository to this module.

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