Depence 2

Image Rendering

Depence² offers high quality image rendering in up to 8K* resolution. To render your current Scene as an image navigate to the Main menu > Rendering > Render Image...
With the Width & Height settings you can define the target resolution of your image, which can be also selected from the Presets list. The dialog also gives Quick-Access to the current Render Settings.
Please note that the maximum resolution may depend on your graphics hardware and available video memory! The rendering will force the engine to resize all its internal image buffers (which are a lot) to the target resolution, which can easily reach several GB.
The Multisampling is the most performance/quality relating option. It defines how often each pixel will be computed to render high quality anti-aliasing and detailed light beams. Please note that a Multisample factor of 8x might also multiply the time to render by 8.