Intention and functionality of the most important windows:

Project View This window contains the rendering views as well as all 3D editor functionality.

CAD View The CAD View window is a second render-view in form of a wireframe view of your current scene.

Library The Library window provides access to the installed asset library. Here you can find all fixtures, materials, and models.

Settings The Settings window is one of the most important windows in Depence. It shows the settings of the currently selected object. This can be a fixture or a scene within the timeline.

3D-Hierarchy This window displays the 3D Scene-graph organization of your project. More information in Scene Graph & Grouping.

Tool Once a tool is selected, most have specific settings, which can be adjusted here.

Repository The Repository window contains all show-programming related objects like Shows, Scenes, and more.

Programmer By using the programmer you can change the values of currently selected fixtures and finally create scenes for the repository or a timeline show.

Selection Groups This window will show up all fixture selections.

Patching The Patching window shows all patched fixtures on all universes.

Fixture Manager

The Fixture Manager window allows managing, viewing, and exporting information about the project's fixtures.

DMX-View The DMX-View shows real-time information about the current DMX-buffer

Layer The Layer window provides access to all 3D layers. More information in Layers.

Show Sequencer This tool contains the show timeline to create and edit your shows.


This Transformation window shows the current selection transformation. More information in Transformation.

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