The sampler records any number (sample count) of values (sample per minute) and gives the average value at the output.

Adds the input X1 and Bias and outputs the modul of the result.

Outputs the result of multiplying input v1 and v2.

Depending on the setting, the operator performs a mathematical operation of the two inputs and returns the result at the output. The following can be selected: Add, subtract, multiply, divide.

With the Triangle Function, trigonometry calculations can be performed. You can choose between: sine, cosine, tangent, ASine, ACosine, ATangent.

Copies the input value to the two outputs.

Switches the output on or off depending on the trigger type.

Trigger Types :

  • Down Trigger

  • Up Trigger

Switches the output to high depending on the switch-on point and the output to Lo, depending on the switch-off point.

Merges the two inputs X1 and X2 to the output depending on the merge type.

  • Merger Type Mix outputs the average value of the two inputs.

  • Merger Type Maximizer outputs the highest value of both inputs at the output.

  • Merger Type Minimizer outputs the lowest value of both inputs at the output.

Drop a profile from the repository to this module. The input value determines the read output value based on the profile.

The timer module is started with a high signal at the input. Depending on the properties "timer type" and "time in seconds", the module output is set to high signal for a certain time.

Timer Types:

  • Hold = Sets the output to high for xx seconds.

  • Delay = Sets the output to high after XX seconds have elapsed.

  • Toggle = Change permanently after XX seconds the initial state from high to low and back around.

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