Scene Fade / Delay Path

With Fade / Delay Path settings, more complex scene calls such as "Move in Black" can be realized. A FadePath describes how a single channel behaves when fading in and out of a scene. The delay time and the fade-in time can be set as a percentage of the scene fade time.

The in-fade and out-fade behavior of each scene in the repository or within a sequence (show) can be adjusted individually for each parameter.

To do this, right-click on a scene button or in the Sequencer on the corresponding scene and then select "Edit Scene Fade Path".

In the upper line, you can choose whether you want to set the fade behavior for the start or for the end of a scene.

Order by Fixture combines all the same function types of a scene. Changes to the Delay and Fade faders change the fader rate or delay rate of all the same functions.

Order by Function shows all functions of all channels contained in the scene.

The channel delay is used for effect runs and has no use for the fade path

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