Connect Pangolin Beyond

Make sure you are using the latest software version of Pangolin Beyond. If you have Beyond version 5 or higher, you can output visualization data with any Beyond license. For older versions you need at least Beyond Ultimate and you need to enable your license for the output of visualization data. For this you need to contact your Pangolin partner to obtain a license update. For more questions contact

Setting up Beyond

  1. Start Depence and Pangolin Beyond

  2. Within Beyond's Main Menu go to View > "Enable Visualization via external software..."

The small network icon in the status bar indicates an active connection:

Setup Projection Zones

In Beyond you can assign a Projection-Zone to a specific laser output that is equal to the laser-source number in Depence. Go to "Settings > Projection-Zones". Here you can change all zone-relating properties. In the "Advanced" tab you can set the Laser Source Output Index for the visualization. In Beyond it's called "Fixture Number".

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