System Requirements

The necessary system performance depends on the size of the project you are working on. While Depence is a graphically intense software, the graphics hardware is of course one of the most important components. Depence also takes advantage of multi-core CPUs.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10/11 64-Bit

  • CPU's with high single thread performance

  • 16 GB RAM

  • Dedicated gaming graphic card with min 6GB VRAM

  • One free USB port for USB-License Dongle

Recommended System

  • Microsoft® Windows® 11 64-Bit

  • Intel i9-13900K or AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

  • 64 GB RAM

  • NVIDIA RTX4080, RTX4090 or latest

  • One free USB port for USB-License Dongle

  • Fast SSD Drive

Internet access is required for the initial installation and for the automatic asset library & software updates.

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