Depence 3


The transformation window displays the current transformation applied on your selection, relative to its parent (if any, else relative to the World Space). This is called Object-Space transformation.
It can be used to position with precision objects (or to correct a position).
Transformation window

Relative positioning

The transformation window displays the relative transformation of your selection within its parent. (also known as Object-Space)
This means the transformation window allows you to control the position of the selected object within its parent and not the global transformation from the World Space.
The group father is positioned at 40cm on Y (height)
The first Geyser P7 is positioned at -50cm on X, within its parent. Position from World Space is 40cm on Y (inherit from its parent) and -50cm on X (inherit from itself)


The transformation is made of translation and rotation along 3 axes (X, Y, Z), where each of the axes can be adjusted by entering a value and clicking the "Apply" button.


To adjust the translation position from the transformation window, set the X, Y, or Z position value as needed:
2 fixtures, where position is set manually to X -50cm and X +50cm


To adjust the rotation angle from the transformation window, you can either:
  • Set the desired value and press the "Apply" button,
  • Or click on the square button to apply 45° increment.
    • Left click to rotate clockwise (CW).
    • Right click to rotate counterclockwise (CCW).
Applying 45° increment on Y axis


An additional Size parameter is available to adjust the scale of the selected object (where 2 means 2 times bigger and 0.5 means 2 times smaller).
Size transformation


To reset each type of transformation, double click on "Position", "Rotation" and/or "Size".
Apply the reset by clicking the "Apply" button.
A double click on "'Rotation" resets axis rotation to 0


Until you click on the "Apply" button, new transformation values are not applied.
To cancel the update, select another object (from any view or 3D hierarchy).


If needed, you can change the current value unit. Right-click on the value to select another unit:
Unit change on the position for the X axis
Note: the units displayed depend on your Depence preference.
Imperials unit
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