The Depence rendering engine also displays laser beams as well as projections. As input sources, it supports all known major laser control systems like Pangolin Beyond or Laseranimation Sollinger DSP.

The communication between the laser control system and Depence will be established via your local network. This protocol works, when both systems run on the same machine or different machines in your network.

Add and configure a Laser Projector

Select one of the available laser fixtures from the library and drag it into the scene. Within the Settings window, you can define a Laser-Source Number for each laser.

This number needs to match the outgoing device number, adjustable in your laser control software.

Further Laser Projector Settings

Laser Source

Input Device Number.

Projection Intensity Factor

Factor to reduce or rise the intensity for projection only.

Projection Line Width

Change the line width on projections (only once per Source).

Total Output Power

Affects projection and beam intensity.

Invert X & Y

Inverts the output on both axes.

Scanning Angle

Defines the maximum scanning angle.

Max Laser Devices

For the communication between the laser control system and Depence a multicast connection is used. This connection works for multiple receivers without setting up any client IP addresses. Unfortunately, some network routers do not correctly implement multicast. Instead, they use broadcast and send the data to all members of the network, which can interfere with your entire network. Therefore it is recommended to limit the number of active laser sources in the application settings: See Settings > Application Settings > Laser. By default, Depence is listening to 4 sources.

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