A profile translates input values into output values using a table that is graphically displayed in the profile editor.

Profiles can be assigned to any DMX channel in the Channel Patch or also influence the fade or delay behaviour of a scene in the Sequencer.

To create a new profile, right-click in the Profiles repository area and select New. Assign a suitable name. Next, select the new profile and click again with the right mouse button and now select Edit. The Profile Editor now opens.

Typical Profile Curves

Post Simulation

If you select "Post Simulation" for a profile, the translation is only calculated after the simulation value and thus only changes the DMX output.

Sample Rate

The sample rate determines the resolution and thus the quality of the translation. This value should not be set too high, as otherwise a lot of memory is used up, nor should it be set too low, as otherwise the translation is too inaccurate.

By selecting the individual points, they can be moved and adjusted using the mouse or the two number fields.

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