Depence 3
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Sequencer Settings

  • After a second click on Stop:
    • Jump to last Startpoint.
    • Jump to Zero.
    • Leave Position.
  • Num Pixel Zoom on Mouse-Wheel: Zoom Speed.
  • Reference Mode Copies of event blocks with scenes only refer to a common scene within the sequence. See also Referenced Scenes / Events.
  • Auto Compute-State on Songposition: Computes all show elements once the time cursor has been changed.
  • Auto Compute-State on Start: Computes all show elements once the show is starting.
  • Default Artist / Producer Signature who created the show.
  • Default Sequence length on new The initial Sequence length if you create a new Show-Sequence
  • Default Sequence Name The sequence name that is suggested. If this already exists for a new sequence, a counter is added to the name.
  • Track Highlighting Highlights the track over which the mouse moves.
  • Show Group Track Name in Timeline