Wave FX

The Wave-FX will be always activated once you select a DMX channel column directly. This Effect-Type will modulate a math function on the selected channels.

Depence comes with several Wave templates, which can be loaded with a click on the Open Button.

Once you've loaded or created a Wave-Effect you can also edit this effect by using the Edit button:

The Wave-Editor lets you edit the function on a time/value graph to create any kind of effect.

New created or edited Effects can be also stored back as a template for other scenes by clicking on the Save button.

Effect Parameters:


Amount of Waves per cycle.


Minimum and Maximum of the current Wave.


Defines the feature ranges to run the effect in.


Phase multiplier on the current panorama alignment.

Cut left/right

Cuts the wave on left or right side.


Added an time offset to the wave.


Speed of the effect.

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