DMX Matrix

The DMX-Matrix feature creates a UV-mappable Matrix texture based on DMX values. This feature can be used to simulate thousands of LED fixtures without the performance overhead of individual fixtures because it directly reads DMX values from the internal buffer.

Material Settings

To add the DMX-Matrix feature on a model, access its Material settings, and click on the "..." button:

DMX Matrix Texture Properties


Number of Pixel per column


Number of Pixel per row

Channel Layout

DMX Channel layout as: - RGB: Red Green Blue - GRB: Green Red Blue - RGBW: Red Green Blue White - WRGB: White Red Green Blue - RGB16: Red Green Blue in 16bit - GRB16: Green Red Blue in 16bit - RGBW16: Red Green Blue White in 16bit - WRGB16: White Red Green Blue in 16bit

Start Address

DMX start address for the given universe


DMX Universe to start to patch

Close the window to validate your settings.


The DMX-Matrix is material based. To make it emissive (visible in the dark), don't forget to raie the Emissive factor (maximum value is 500%):

DMX Matrix control

Now your material is ready to be used. You can patch the DMX Matrix fixture from the fixture library:

The DMX Matrix fixture has the same mode as the DMX Matrix Texture, select the one you have set.

You need to patch as many DMX Matrix fixtures as your DMX Matrix Texture has (Columns x Rows)

Note: - DMX Matrix fixture only controls 1 pixel at a time. - Their position in world space is not important, they are not represented in 3D.

Group DMX Matrix

To keep your project 3D Hierarchy as clean as possible, you can group all your DMX Matrix fixtures:


Depence primitives

Custom 3D model

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