Depence 3

3D Hierarchy Filters

On a scene graph, it is important to be able to retrieve the object quickly and easily. For that purpose, filters are available in the 3D Hierarchy window:
3D Hierarchy filtered to only display objects name containing "sparks"


Several filters are available, from the simplest to the more advanced ones.


The simplest one is directly accessible when hovering over the "Name" through the filter icon:
Filter icon in the "Name" label
This filter already provides several basic filters type:
3D Hierarchy filters to display only "Sharpy" objects


Right-clicking the "Name" label provides access to other filters of the 3D Hierarchy:
Right-Click on "Name"
E.g. the "Auto Filter Row":
Auto Filter row

Advanced filter

More advanced filters are available within the "Filter Editor", allowing you to create a block of a filter with advanced conditions: