Using MIDI keyboard.

Creating shows with the help of a MIDI Keyboard

From version 3.2 of Depence, it is now possible to input start and stop events of scenes using a MIDI keyboard directly into an ongoing sequence. This facilitates the intuitive design of shows in harmony with the music and can significantly speed up the development process. Please note that this feature only works with scene-type tracks. It is recommended to save finished looks in the repository and then place them on the scene button.

When using water pumps with a separate on/off function, ensure that you only control the pump pressure in these scenes, rather than turning the pump on or off each time.

To integrate scenes into your show, drag them from the repository into the track area of your timeline. After placing all scene tracks, select a track and right-click to open the “Learn Trigger” menu, or click on “Learn” in the “Settings” under “Remote Control” to assign a MIDI key. Press a key on your MIDI keyboard to assign it to a track.

The dialog supports only Note-ON/OFF commands; other controller values are not supported. To remove an assignment, use the “Delete” button in the learning dialog.

Start your sequence and use the MIDI keyboard as you wish. The recorded events will become visible after ending the sequence with the stop button. It is also possible to record events in tracking mode. For this, change the "Tracking Default" property in the track properties.

A learned MIDI code is displayed in the track as M:NoteNumber.

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