Depence 2

Using Position data

Depence supports the SPNet and PosStageNet protocol for object and camera tracking. You can follow these steps for using a tracking system
  1. 1.
    Use the Visualizer Device in the Hardware Manager
2. Go to the Position Input tab and enable the Input under General and the used protocol
3. Go to Settings -> Tracker... and add an Object Tracker for the protocol, which you are using.
4. You can give it a name and add multiple if needed.
5. After adding a tracker, you can change the used ID on the right. You can use the "Use Tracker" button to get a list of all in the network available tracker.
6. Add a Position Tracker object in the 3D Hierarchy to the project
7. In the settings of the Position Tracker you can select the tracker, which has been created.
8. You need to add the 3D object, which should get moved based on the Position data, as a child object of the Position tracker object.