Version 3.1.5


🪲 Running two instances of Depence and can cause data loss

🪲 Random error message appear "Dialog Dispose Error"

🪲 Image Rendering: Images are getting saved in wrong file format

🪲 MVR Import: Layers are not getting saved for fixtures

🪲 MVR Import: Possible crash if multiple objects are getting deleted within same UUID

🪲 MVR Import: Crash after canceling import

🪲 UI flickers while dragging to replace a fixture

🪲 Keep fixture bracket settings when replacing with other fixtures

🪲 Random crashes after duplicating splines


🪲 Keep Ambient light level when going to fullscreen mode

🪲 Panorama Rendering: Camera is not moving

🪲 Crash after PC got in energy saving

🪲 Performance issue with MAC Aura XIP

🪲 Glow & Glare not stable at long distances for multi led lights


🪲 Programmer Update Scene Merger has no function

🪲 ShematicView: multi instance fixtures wrong selection index order

🪲 ShematicView: Selection StartIndex (repeat StartIndex) not working correctly

🪲 LogicModule: WindLevelModule behaviour improved

🪲 MIDI Timecode Output jerks

🪲 A possibility to delete entries in the daily planner without reference


⭐ Audio Preview / Show Delay to compensate the sound delay

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