Version 3.1.3


🪲 Some machines crash on startup with "DEVICE_REMOVED"

🪲 Flicker on some fixtures like Mac Aura

🪲 Crash if lens material is applied but has no light object as child

🪲 AmbientLight with HQ enabled causing a flicker

🪲 BoneAnimationIndex can't be controlled by Logic

🪲 DMX features where allowed to turn light color into negative values


🪲 MVR Import Match shows double entries

🪲 Audio gets rendered into the final video even if the track is muted

🪲 Video render sometimes does not contain firework audio

🪲 Crash in video dialog, after removing default presets

🪲 Random and rare crash after close and reload another project

🪲 Error when play/stop a sequence which contains a video file which was deleted externally


🪲 Logic Module - performance opt

🪲 Patching - Drag & Drop doesn't work correctly


🪲 Breakdown firework objects not possible anymore

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