Depence 3

Version 3.1.2


Once you saved your project with 3.1 it can't be loaded completely in older versions. Especially for crowd and animated characters.


⭐ New Decal projections
⭐ New Ambient Lighting
⭐ AmbientLight for lasers
⭐ Huge performance improvements for big projects
⭐ Improved memory usage for multiple MassCrowd objects
⭐ Video Rendering is now using WMF Encoder
⭐ MassCrowds Occupancy Rate
⭐ New indoor firework effects Gerbs, Jets
⭐ Smaller calibers for Comets and Mines
⭐ Anti-Flicker for lens objects and optional for emissive objects
⭐ Linear interpolation is now default for keyframe animation
⭐ Firework Indirect Lighting Intensity in Render settings
🪲 Improved additive lens rendering
🪲 Lens rotation fixtures causing artifacts
🪲 Crash in /no3d mode when project contains lasers
🪲 Improved Color mixing for some fixture types
🪲 Multi-LED fixtures with different intensities (f.e. JDC1) are very dark in low quality mode
🪲 Crash when using a SplineArrange Extension on a non-spline object
🪲 Freeze when adding multiple firework "fixtures"
🪲 Rotation gimbal flicker if active camera is selected
🪲 Intensity channel doesn't have full control when RGBW are on 100%
🪲 ColorMacro / virtual color wheel not working with white channels
🪲 Transparent objects does not show video content
⭐ Support for 1024 DMX Universes
⭐ OSC Input Support
⭐ Library Reports
⭐ New option to disable auto backup popup window
⭐ New Keyframe property to control current Character Animation
⭐ Allow to drag 3d model files from the windows explorer
🪲 Fixture replace doesn't work with non-DMX fixtures (f.e. ILDA Lasers)
🪲 Valve Index Controllers reversed
🪲 Crash if you use ' in search term
🪲 Crash on Export MVR if no project is loaded
🪲 Potential crashes and memory issues after close/load projects multiple times
🪲 3d Model "import by hierarchy" missing objects if mesh has multiple materials assigned
⭐ Show Timeline CSV Export
⭐ New ALC PumpPower switch adjustable in ALC settings
⭐ New LogicModule - Run Special day plan
⭐ LogicModule - Read DMX - optional 0..255 or 0..1 output
⭐ LogicModule - Visible property for object container
⭐ LogicModule - Containers can be combined into new containers
⭐ LogicModule - New 1 Port ArtNet Input Item
⭐ Redesigned Patching Window with overlap marker and warnings
⭐ New LoLight feature
⭐ Edit time for loop region manually
🪲 ReleaseEvent causes a freeze
🪲 ArtNET Timecode does not work anymore
🪲 Undo/Redo after duplicate a block on timeline
🪲 Undo/Redo group selected in timeline
🪲 Undo/Redo Create Logic Container
🪲 sACN: Per-Address Priority packages are not getting ignored
🪲 ArtNET - PollReply sends wrong IP address
🪲 Nested sequences are not unloaded if parent sequence was
🪲 Change sACN Input Universe count is crashing
🪲 Can't delete ModBus Unit
🪲 Crash on MVR import of fixtures are patched beyond max universes
🪲 Copy unloaded sequence in repository result in empty sequence