Version 3.1.6


🪲 Crash when start VR-Mode while having CAD switched to photorealistic mode


🪲 Motor - DependOnPumpSpeed option don't work anymore

🪲 Select specific input connector if more than one available

🪲 InternalInput connection on Fountain Object doesn't work

🪲 Omni-Lights don't cast fixture shadows

🪲 MassCrowd - DMX Matrix doesn't work on Wristbands

🪲 Multiselection doesn't work for DMX-Matrix changes

🪲 Beams get partially invisible when hitting the camera

🪲 K20 Lense-Rotation causes wrong lighting and artifacts

🪲 Decals don't check layer visibility

🪲 Decals don't transform correctly with parent objects


🪲 Sequencer Events with lost references can't be deleted

🪲 Schematic-View Arranger H and V do not arrange in correct order but by PatchID

🪲 Schematic-View Undo not working when arranging items

🪲 Schematic-View Graphical-Selection don't work correctly

🪲 Wrong arrangement from Selection Tool

🪲 An edited FX does not work correctly in reverse

🪲 Edit from FixtureGroupTrack or ParameterTrack will merged selected Channels from other Groups

🪲 Various RDM improvements and bug fix

🪲 Sequencer update scenes in extracted tracks will not merge new channel values

🪲 Sequencer - MouseDown on a block after zoom changes the start time

🪲 ArtNET-Timecode: Allow timecode input from the same IP

🪲 WECS Stream audio volume keeps on 80%

⭐ Schematic-View new Option on Drop Fixtures on 3D position - Center on View

⭐ Schematic-View Increased max zoom range

⭐ New Repeat option on Live-Panel Sequence button

⭐ New ALC option on Live-Panel Scene button

⭐ Allow ArtNET-Timecode input together with Vizkey

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