Depence 3

Version 3.0.10

🪲 Fixture revision date resets to 01.01.0001 after replace
🪲 MVR Export - wrong rotations
🪲 Artthea Stage protocol not working correctly
🪲 3D Hierarchy, Object moves after dragging from one parent to another
🪲 Panorama Rendering, wrong camera position
🪲 Atmosphere permanently refreshed once controlled via Logic I/O
🪲 HDRI Custom Maps on Atmosphere loaded only in 8bit
🪲 "Is Spline" button on wave editor not working
🪲 V:Nano Device - Show list not initially updated
🪲 Context Menu in Repository changed to "Create Scene from Programmer" & "Create static Scene from DMX Buffer"
🪲 V:Nano/wescs won't output DMX while connected to Depence
🪲 DMX-Stream within a Multimedia Track won't be played if recorded from Vizkey
🪲 Sequencer, scenes not always executed once a DMX stream block exist
🪲 Sequencer, left locator moves below zero
🪲 Repository: Create Scene from all active channels" not working correctly
🪲 Fan properties only get updated if you select a fan type