Version 3.0.0

Depence R3 is a new major release which comes with many new features and improvements.


Depence R3 is backwards compatible and can load older project, but Depence R2 cannot load a R3 project.

New Features & Improvements


⭐ New Object-Extensions

Firework Simulations

⭐ 3D Sound Engine with sounds for Firework, CO2 and AirShooters (more following)

⭐ New Glow & Glare feature

VR Support

⭐ Improved Tonemapping and luminance adaption

Color Temperature / White balance

⭐ Camera Object can select specific render settings

⭐ Fullscreen Plane Object

⭐ Improved Chroma-Key with new Despill feature

⭐ Mass-Crowds No-Go/Empty areas

⭐ Night Sky rendering

Long Exposure Image Rendering

⭐ New Glass Lense Rendering

⭐ Freeze Animations feature

⭐ Open Render Settings from Viewport menu

Animate UV feature on PBR Material

⭐ Diffuse transparency (experimental)

⭐ Set max particle count in settings

⭐ Improved particle physics on high framerates

⭐ New FPS limiter

Quality-depending visibility

⭐ Merge 3D-Models tool

🪲 Textures on transparent materials


⭐ Shematic-View new numbering tool

⭐ Shematic-View shapes with different colors

⭐ Timeline - new jump to event feature

⭐ Timeline - improved block move

⭐ Timeline - Firework integration

⭐ Timeline - Auto Compute-State

⭐ Undo/Redo for fixture selection

⭐ Repository - Improved Scene Button style

⭐ Fade-Rate can now be set in the fade-path

⭐ Repository - starts script on double-click

⭐ Repository - Merge/Update Values into Scenes

⭐ Repository - Remove selected fixtures/values from Scenes

⭐ Repository - Load Shows dynamically

⭐ Repository - New Search function

⭐ Repository - New view styles (list, icons)

⭐ Repository - New Dialog to create shows

⭐ Repository - Duplicate Scenes and shows

⭐ Playlist - New Delay & Sort function

⭐ Script - Use variables

⭐ Script - New "call" command

⭐ Programmer - enter values and arrangement on a double-click

⭐ Programmer - PanTilt FX Invert option

⭐ Logic-Module - dynamic output count

⭐ Logic-Module - use variables

⭐ Logic-Module - New items: Operators, trigonomic functions, Bool, Sampler, DMX devices

⭐ Logic-Module - Create container from selected item

⭐ Logic-Module - Containers drag/drop from MyLibrary

⭐ Logic-Module - Pages

⭐ Logic-Module - ArtNET, sACN, SyncroNet, V-nano modules

⭐ Hardware - DMX Output routing moved into Logic-Modules

⭐ Hardware - Allow multiple devices

⭐ Hardware - Import/Export devices

⭐ Fixture Channel Patch - Advanced Mode Edition

⭐ DMX-View - Improved view and colors

Palettes - moved into a separate window

⭐ Live-Panel - New Control Template system

⭐ Improved sACN - correctly handle packet priority

⭐ Improved Team Login > Change User

⭐ sACN Output Module

⭐ Fountain Height Adjustment Tool

⭐ ArtNET Timecode Support

⭐ Improved Multi-Patch

⭐ Improved DMX Stream recording

🪲 Automatic Daylight control - issue in some time zones

🪲 Repository - Delete items with multiselection


⭐ Project Loading now up to 10 times faster

New Project Backup System

⭐ Fixture Manager - Import from CSV

⭐ Fixture Manager - Export as fixture list or type list

MVR Export (Fixtures only)

⭐ Layer Windows - New active column

⭐ New Objects Menu sorted by type

⭐ New Multi-Duplicate tool (CTRL+Move+Scroll)

⭐ MoSys StarTracker Support

⭐ Optional Project file compression

⭐ UI Performance optimizations

⭐ Drastically reduce file size on some projects

⭐ Support Sketchup 2022

⭐ Support NDI 5.5

Depence project folder location


⭐ Playlist player and timecode trigger

Breaking Changes

The following breaking changes were made in Depence R3 and V:Server Version 4.100 or higher.

  1. The routing lines has been removed and replaced by different components in the LogicModule. The conversion is automatic here, but should be checked once in any case.

  2. The settings for the DayLight Module have been removed in the V:Server and are now also replaced by a new component in the LogicModule. The setting must be made manually again by you in the logic module.

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