Version 3.2.0


⭐ New Indirect Shadows / Ambient Occlusion

Crowd Focus

⭐ New Firework-Explosion Types

⭐ Performance Optimization

⭐ Manual control for zoom and focus conventional fixtures

🪲 Sitting MassCrowd: one chair is always visible at the null point


⭐ Update Patch from MA xml file

⭐ MVR export: Add ability to export ILDA lasers as well

⭐ Update Sketchup API Support to 2024

🪲 Cannot replace ILDA laser with dmx laser

🪲 Patching: "Overlapping Address" does not work with Channel Distance of 1

🪲 Some fixtures f.e. (VL3600 Profile) couldn't be loaded in current version

🪲 Fixed random crash during video rendering

🪲 Improved handling of multicast protocols like sACN and Lasers to avoid network issues

🪲 Recording DMX Streams from Vizkey produces very big files


⭐ New Bounce FX

Replace Firework effect on the timeline by drag & drop

Record Scenes with MIDI on timeline

⭐ Timeline New Table-View Mode

⭐ Timeline New OSC Tracks


⭐ ALC System works with fixtures via dependencies

⭐ V:Server Timecode Input Support

⭐ LogicModule: Add new Element XOR

⭐ LogicModule: Recursion Depth is now adjustable in the project settings

⭐ LogicModule: Add new Element SR-FlipFlop

🪲 Scrollbars to small in programmer

🪲 LogicModule: initialize intelligent components after drop from library

🪲 LogicModule: correctly initialize Elements after Start

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